TL-400 (Squating type)


TL-400 (Perfect for Construction site)

The workhorse of the industry with large waste tank – enhances flushing system, tested over 30,000 times, uses over 200c.c. of water for each flush, high efficiency. Lavatory base is designed for rigidity and long-lasting, prevents damage when Relocated.

A : Standard device:

  1. Squatting type bedpan
  2. Toilet paper roll holder + shelf
  3. Ventilation shutters
  4. Saft door lock
  5. Hand wash station

B. Material:

C. Dimension:
lavatory: 1124mm(L)x1124(W)x2462MM(H)

D. Water storage tank:
100 litre

E. Sewage storage tank:
400 L


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