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Tips on Choosing Portable Toilets

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Portable toilets

It gets quite embarrassing if you don’t have a portable toilet for proper sanitation as you are camping. It is essential to stay hygienic in outdoor camping, and you should have everything to keep yourself ready. So if you are a newbie, this is a great writ for you about getting portable toilets before you go camping.

There are people who get annoyed about nature’s call outdoor and never get into the trips and plans of camping. However, they are missing a lot of fun and adventure and if you are not one of them, then get into this.

These are certain points you should think about and check about portable toilets.

Clearing Out the Waste

Definitely, it seems a bit difficult to clear out the waste when you are enjoying a trip outside in the wild. Actually, you just don’t want to clear that waste out. However, places do not allow to through such waste anywhere. But there are certain RV sites that are particularly for such wastage. Following this, do proper checking before you go on the trip.
Apart from this, biodegradable sacks contain a powder that turns the waste into a solid so you can bury it in the countryside.


Privacy is an optimum concern when the matter is a toilet; regardless, it’s a man or a woman. It gets challenging to find out a place that is decorated enough by nature to make a toilet. Or you can make a shelter for the toilet if you are that creative. But there are privacy shelters available for toilets separately in the market.

Toilet Capacity

The toilet capacity means that the entire volume of the mobile toilets gets flushed before the waste disposal. The number of members who will use the toilet, the time period of the trip for using the toilet, and how much do you camp with a large group, single or coupled, are the points that can help you choose the capacity for portable toilets.

Also, some manufacturers describe the capacity as a total number of flushes per one waste disposal.

Ease of Usage

When the point is about the mobile toilet, it should be easy to set up, clean, carrying and get packed up. It must get set up quickly with its simple method. It should be lighter in weight to carry easily like the one made from ABS plastic. The toilet should allow you to clean it easily, which means disposing of the waste. And it must get packed up easily to reach your destination. The best part is that there are some portable toilets that come with backpacks making it comfy to transport from place to place.

Size of the Toilet

The size is another important thing you should consider while choosing a mobile toilet. It is because it comes while you are already carrying a lot of different things with you. You can find a lot of toilet sizes in different types in the market. You need to choose the one according to your need. However, never go for the one that is too bulky as it will get difficult for you to carry the whole along your trip.

Final Words

Choosing a portable toilet is not that complex thing. Begin with determining your needs and listing them and after that, check on the features you need. There is a lot of options available in the market for you to choose from. This small guide can help you a bit to choose the right one for your next trip.


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