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Welcome to TOILOO

We are Malaysia’s leading supplier of portable toilet units and desludging tank service provider. 

Our warehouse in Semenyih is able to quickly deliver your need for portable toilet anywhere in West Malaysia – be it for rent or purchasing.

Significance of Portable Toilets

It is a challenging task to manage a large event without careful planning and preparations. One thing that is necessary for attendees’ comfort and convenience is the availability of toilet and sanitation services.

Sometimes, it gets difficult to manage a large number of people and have enough facilities for them. In such circumstances, you would need to hire portable toilets in Malaysia to avoid such issues.

You Would Need Portable Toilets For These Reasons:

  • At an outdoor event, you can easily install a movable toilet and accommodate the people.
  • A restroom is compulsory for the comfort of the attendees. If you are entertaining an upscale event, you can have luxurious and VIP toilets installed to maximise your guest’s convenience.
  • It would be helpful for people to use a temporary bathroom instead of walking to a faraway toilet.
  • You can have all types of mobile / portable toilets in Malaysia. Handicap-accessible toilets are also available; they are designed in a way that increases comfort for people with special needs.
  • Movable toilets come with proper sanitation facilities and sinks for washing.
  • Portable toilet suppliers take care of the water storage tanks and proper waste disposal.
  • With proper sanitation and adequate washing stations, the risk of any infections or diseases is reduced.
  • Mobile toilet service providers also use chemicals to reduce the foul odour. They provide an adequate system for water conservation.

Toiloo is an experienced and professional portable toilet supplier near me in Malaysia. You can find a variety of portable toilet Malaysia for rent or sale. Also, we ensure timely delivery and comfortable temporary bathrooms for your events and activities.

Moreover, we provide desludging and cleaning facilities to keep your site clean and eco-friendly. Our portable toilet prices in Malaysia are quite affordable and economical for everyone..

Portable Toilets For Any Occasion And Any Events

Luxury and common portable toilets to rent and purchase throughout Malaysia

TOILOO is an innovative Malaysian company that supplies and rents out portable toilets for customers nationwide. 

Our portable toilets are lightweight and easily transportable as our range of portable toilets can be the ideal solution for any of these situations:

  • temporary facility during renovating works
  • construction sites  
  • camping 
  • festivals
  • marathons
  • weddings 

Looking forward to using our portable toilets for your next event?

TOILOO Portable Toilets 

Our portable toilets for rent or purchase are ideal for festivals, sporting events, and construction worksites. Our wheelchair accessible portable toilets provide those in need with the comfort and function of a fully private bathroom to support their specific needs.

Portable Premier Toilets

Our premier portable toilets are specially for those special events that require premium sanitation and higher demand of portable premier toilets. Our elegant premier  portable toilets were created for VIPs using the latest modern portable restroom concept.

Septic Tank Desludging Service

Our septic tank desludging service is done to preserve the overall environment of the area through regular desludging thus protecting the water resources and maintaining the community’s good health.

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Professional And Experienced Portable Toilet Provider

TOILOO Sdn Bhd is more than ready to meet all of your needs in renting or purchasing a portable toilet that exceeds your expectation for comfort. We efficiently go above and beyond and are committed to providing both rental and trading of portable toilets.

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We Are Pleased To Be Your Heavy-Duty Portable Toilet Provider!

Here at TOILOO, we manage all the sanitation aspects you need for your events. Our services continuously raise the bar of portable toilets services by providing an all-inclusive premium service option for our clients. Our customizable toilet facility will help address your specific facility needs.

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Portable Toilets to Rent

For many events like a wedding or corporate party, people need to hire portable toilets on rent. They need a temporary solution for the comfort and convenience of their guests. Toiloo caters to all your requirements and offers mobile rental bathrooms. You can discuss with us the type of movable you need as per your event and attendees and have it delivered on time. Our setup for movable toilets is impeccable, and you can choose different types of movable and temporary toilets.

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Portable Toilet for Sales

Many people need to purchase portable toilet in Malaysia for construction or camping sites. They need a permanent solution for their workers or events. Toiloo offers portable toilets for sale for people who require these kinds of placements. We have various types of mobile toilets, services, and designs available for sale. You can choose the products you need and engage with us for the purchase. You can rest assured to get the most comfortable and reliable movable toilets at Toiloo.

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Why Choose TOILOO?

We are a friendly, professional, and experienced company based in Semenyih, Malaysia with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Over the past 10 years, we have become the leading and major supplier to West Malaysia’s mobile toilet rental industry. 

We supply portable toilets, premier toilets, and septic tank desludging service for your event or sites and these can be easily arranged for delivery in West Malaysia. We offer a wide range of models from single units and wheelchair-accessible toilets.

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