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Different Types of Portable Toilets Available in the Market For Construction Worksites

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Construction worksites commonly see high usage of Portable Mobile Toilets. These common units are placed at different locations within the perimeter of worksites. They are in charge of ensuring proper sanitation by allowing labourers to avail a clean toilet. With this, you can keep the world clean!

As the name signifies, any movable toilets are portable toilets. But what exactly are portable toilets? Let’s take a look!

  • Green toilets are easily portable from one site to another and can be used again.
  • They are easily transferable to the usage location.
  • You can set mobile toilets within caravans and mobile vans.

Portable Mobile Toilet is the perfect sanitation solution for construction projects. Everyone, including construction workers, site visitors, or nearby residents, will not have to deal with unsafe conditions.

These portable mobile toilets are self-contained units perfect for construction worksite installation. But Portable Toilet Malaysia comes in different sizes and shapes that are built with various amenities. With this, you can find the best one that is suited to your needs!

Various Types of Portable Toilets 

In the market, there are endless choices for portable toilets. Every type consists of different functions and amenities. At Toiloo, you will find an extensive range of portable toilets that you can choose from.

Chemical Toilet

Chemical toilets hold the human waste in the holding tank where chemicals are present in the tank. It will help cover the odour and aid in stopping the bacteria from multiplying due to biocides.

If you want to install a chemical toilet at a construction site, then two types are available:

  1. The cold water is used for flush.
  2. Hot water is used for all purposes.

Container-Based Sanitation Toilet

A container-based sanitation toilet is an affordable approach for lower urban communities. With this toilet, you can store the waste in a sealable container directly transferable to the treatment facility. This portable toilet is an ideal option for the area where it’s not possible to assemble a sewerage system.

Bucket Toilet

This bucket toilet is also known as a portable dry toilet with a bucket to hold the human waste. This will create stench issues because faeces and urine are both in the same tank. Therefore, it is not an ideal option for construction worksites.

Welfare Unit

These units are slightly different models with a chemical toilet, hot water supply, drying room, or generator. They are usually installed for high management officials who visit the site and check the progress of the projects.

Freezing Toilet 

This toilet has the electricity to freeze the waste of the dry toilet. Due to electricity, the waste of humans freezes immediately, and there is no chance for the bacteria to grow. This guarantee that the toilets remain odorous.

Incineration Toilet

The incineration toilet is considered ideal for a place where there is no facility to dispose of the human waste. This portable toilet is just like freezing toilets. They are dry, and there is no usage of water.

These toilets contain human waste in the holding tanks and burn to create pathogen-free ash. This toilet can also use electricity, gas, or other energy as a power source. These toilets are affordable as compared to other normal standard portable toilets.

Benefits of Having Portable Toilets on Construction Site

Portable toilets come with numerous benefits for construction sites and their workers. We have curated the list of some common benefits that help you to know why we install portable toilets on construction sites:-

  • You can clean and sanitary environment on your construction site with mobile toilet.
  • It is easy to install to maintain sanitation on site and it is also cost-effective.
  • These are easy to maintain and clean.
  • Having portable toilets on construction sites can boost the productivity of your workers.
  • Portable toilets can conserve the environment because it doesn’t require a large amount of water and ensure the proper disposal of waste.


We hope that after reading this, you will find an ideal Onsite Portable Toilet to install on your construction site. As we all know, there are several options available in the market to choose from. Sometimes it becomes a daunting task to find one best suited to your circumstances.

If you are searching for the best quality portable toilet, then your searches end here. Toiloo is one of the places to go where you can find a Portable Toilet For Sales. Here you will find a variety of onsite mobile toilet ideal for your place as per your requirements. To learn and enquiry about the types of variety of portable toilets, you can get in touch with our experts. Our experts are always here to help you!


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